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VPA Studios aims to develop a creative, engaging and inclusive environment where students can grow and enhance their talent and passion for dance. We offer an extensive range of classes within the dance and performing arts genres including commercial and broadway jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, dance conditioning, technique, acting as well as HSC Dance and Drama mentoring. 



We are unique in our attitude to performing arts and dance training

  • Quality dance training is provided in an enthusiastic, energetic, positive and contemporary environment that is designed to inspire

  • A fresh and current approach to dance conditioning is implemented in order to develop dance components and enhance overall technique

  • Creativity and innovative choreography are a primary focus

  • An emphasis is placed on style specific skills training

  • Time is dedicated to refining a student's ability to adapt to various styles and choreography in order to achieve performance excellence and confidence

  • Comprehensive performing arts tuition is provided in order to prepare our students for success in the performance industry



At VPA we aim to be innovative in our approach to all classes and keep up to date with current dance trends. Our qualified faculty of teachers aims to cater toward students who wish to enjoy dance as a hobby or for students who wish to make a career out of dance and train at an elite level. We are open to encouraging and making recommendations toward giving students opportunities that extend beyond the studio including workshop opportunities, auditions and castings in order to further enhance and nurture their talent.

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