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  • How many eisteddfods do the students do a year?
    The students participate in 5 to 6 eisteddfods a year.
  • How do I pay my fees?
    Fees can be paid via the following methods: - Bank Transfer - Credit Card (We do not accept Amex) - Ezidebit - Eftpos
  • How many performances do students do a year?
    Each year the students participate both a Mid- Year Showcase at St Marys Star of the Sea and an end of Year Showcase at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre.
  • How do costume levies work?
    The levy covers the new costume requirments for each company. The costume levy covers the cost labour and material costs for the Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz costume per company. The costume levy will be applied to invoices Term 1, 2, 3 and 4. Please Note if your child participates in any additonal troupe dances such as: - Tap - Hip Hop - Musical Theatre - Ballet - L.E.A.P - Opening or Closing Routines for end of Year Showcase - ADF Routine The above costume Levy does not cover the cost of costumes needed for these troupes and you will be charged seperately for these costumes accordingly.
  • What happens if my child can't attend a group class?
    Please notify VPA Studios if you are going to be away. We do not offer refunds or credits for classes missed.
  • What happens if my child can't attend their solo lesson?
    If your child can't attend a solo lesson, please arrange to swap your lesson with another student. Please notify VPA Studios that we can you are going to be away and which student will be taking the lesson. We do not offer refunds, credits or make ups for solo lessons missed.
  • How do VPA Studios communicate with their clients?
    VPA Studios communicate with their clients via TeamApp. This is an application that can be downloaded via your smartphone.
  • What do I bring to class?
    When coming to dancing it is important that you are prepared for class. Please ensure that you have your correct dance attire, correct shoes, a drink bottle, a dance bag and a positive attitude :)
  • Do I need to attend classes regularly?
    If you have enrolled into VPA Studios, your attendance is imperative. Consistent attendance to all classes ensures that you are gaining the most from your training and supporting your TEAM.
  • How is other information relayed to parents and students?
    VPA Studios communicate with their clients via TeamApp. This is an application that can be downloaded via your smartphone. Email is also utilised to relay information to individual clients.
  • Is it compulsory to do Examinations?
    At VPA Studios we offer both Tap and Ballet examinations. It is compulsory to attend ballet classes if you are in the Performance Team and compulsory to attend grade tap classes if you are in the Tap Performance Team, however, it is not compulsory that you sit your examination(s).
  • Do you have to audition for competition teams?
    Students are not required to audition for compeition teams. On enquiry, students will have a free trial lesson with the director of VPA Studios to determine which classes they will enrol into.
  • Do you have to audition for solos?
    Students are not required to audition for solos, students are invited by VPA Staff to partake in solo lessons.
  • Do parents watch the classes?
    Parents do not watch classes, however, we have an internal facebook group page where routines are posted for parents to watch.
  • Are there classes on public holidays?
    No, we do not hold classes on public holidays. Fees are automatically applied with the removal of public holidays.
  • What do students wear for regular classes?
    Students must wear VPA Studio's attire to classes. The attire can be purchased via our online store or in the studio.
  • What classes are compulsory if my student does the performance team?
    The following classes are compulsory for students in our Performance teams: - 2 Ballet Classes - 1 Technique Class - 1 Conditioning Class
  • The term has already started, is it too late to enrol?"
    No, it is not too late to enrol. We are still taking Mid- Term enrolments. Please contact Vicki on 0425 276 405 to secure a place and organise a free trial.
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