Just for fun at VPA

At VPA we offer commercial jazz classes for students of all ages who wish to come along once a week to further their interest in Dance and improve their fitness. These students will have the opportunity to perform a routine on stage at the end of the year VPA Concert. 







Elite performers at VPA

At VPA we diverge from the traditional structure of dance training and tuition.  All core-style (commercial jazz, lyrical and contemporary) routines will be choreographed in a weekly three-hour workshop that will allow for greater creative/choreographic time with students, as well as the flexibility to work at each students pace. These weekly workshops will then be supplemented by a variety of compulsory technique focused classes including RAD Ballet, VPA Styles Technique and VPA Dance Conditioning. Students will also have the option to pick up classes in other styles including Examination Tap (Glenn Wood Syllabus), VPA Performance Tap and VPA Performance Ballet. 



The VPA Company


The VPA Company is designed for students who are interested in performing and competing at events external to the studio. The VPA Companies will be selective and based on a student’s ability, commitment and enthusiasm. To be apart of the VPA Company students must participate in a minimum of three hours of ballet per week, VPA Styles Technique and VPA Dance Conditioning. There are a range of VPA Companies that are structured according to both age and ability.  


VPA Company I (Seniors/Open Age)-Minimum 3 hours of Ballet Per Week.

VPA Company II (14 and under)-Minimum 3 hours of Ballet Per Week.

VPA Company III (12 and under)-Minimum 3 hours of Ballet Per Week.

VPA Company IV(10 and under)- Minimum 2 hours of Ballet Per Week.

VPA Company V (8 and under)- Minimum 2 hours of Ballet Per Week.





THE VPA WAY For Elite Performers





VPA Workshops 

The VPA Workshops are devised for students who are involved in the VPA Company's. The Workshops are designed for the students to receive a more intensive form of training as the workshops run for a longer period of time, cover more than one style and allow for more creative/choreographic time with the students each week. The VPA Workshops run for three hours in duration. Within each workshop students explore commercial jazz, contemporary and lyrical. Teachers choreograph a piece for each style and polish and refine the pieces. These pieces are then performed at external events such as appearances in the local area, eisteddfods and concerts.  Students will require a costume for each piece thus amounting to a total of three company costumes per year. Students within these companies are expected to attend all performances and events. For VPA Company V (8 and under) the workshop will run for two hours only and commercial jazz and lyrical styles will be covered; therefore, a total of two routines will be taught and refined. 



VPA Styles Technique 

Within the VPA style technique classes students are taught, and work towards refining, the techniques and skills specific to the jazz and contemporary style.  This class allows the teacher to have one on one time with the students in order to develop and perfect a range of new skills. Students will be taught combinations at the end of each lesson that incorporate the skills learnt within the class.







VPA Dance Conditioning

The Dance Conditioning classes are designed to implement evolving techniques useful for the development of key dance components including strength, alignment, control, coordination, endurance and flexibility. Within these classes students will use yoga mats and exercise balls, supplied by VPA, to enhance their overall dance technique.